Classroom Anywhere™

We realize that it's not always practical to have several employees leave your company to go to a class - especially a multi-day event. But we also know that getting employees trained is an important initiative for forward-thinking organizations. That's why we offer "Classroom-Anywhere™", a flexible, dependable, and affordable solution to meet training needs.

Key benefits:
  • Your location - and it doesn't have to be a 'training' room
  • Your schedule - full day, half-day, multi-day
  • Your computers - we can use your hardware without installing any software*
  • Our computers - we'll bring up to 20 computers on-site per class

Interested? Fill out the information form below, and a Classroom Anywhere™ specialist will contact you.

*Provided we can use either your network, or our portable G3 WiFi hubs and you allow connections to an ad-hoc network. We do put a small 'stub' program that connects to our cloud apps, but it's easily installed and uninstalled.